A gastronomic restaurant and bar combined in an exceptional establishment in the heart of Gare de Lyon in Paris

A collaboration with Michel Rostang on a quest for excellence

Le Train Bleu and Michel Rostang share a passion for high quality ingredients and seasonal cuisine. Regional produce from south west France along the PLM (Paris-Lyon-Marseille) line takes centre stage. In the restaurant, everything has been designed to showcase the cuisine. Meat is carved and dishes are flambéed right in front of you for an absolutely unique show.

LE TRAIN BLEU's iconic recipes have been given a Rostang twist.

The result? A traditional gratin dauphinois with no cheese or eggs, Rostang’s signature dish, complements the famous roast leg of lamb (carved from the trolley), not to be missed on Le Train Bleu’s menu.

Bresse poultry with fresh tarragon cream served with grilled basmati rice, another of Michel Rostang’s legendary specialities, also makes an appearance alongside recipes that have contributed to Le Train Bleu's success, like the iconic rum baba or even the tartare prepared at your table… 

French-style service

At Le Train Bleu , the gastronomic experience doesn't just take place on your plate. The service, as precise and choreographed as a ballet, is elegant, timely and respectful in true French style

The restaurant is treated as an extension of the kitchen, with a real ceremony made up of graceful gestures and elegant rituals performed before your admiring eyes: meat is carved, cuts are chosen and dishes are flambéed…

Restaurant staff showcase and explain the Chef’s work. 

This “French-style service” is increasingly rare and contributes to the experience of a moment frozen in time.

A magical place for an unforgettable event

Whether in a private or professional context, Le Train Bleu is on hand to help you organise an event that will offer your guests an unforgettable experience. 

In an idyllic setting in the heart of Paris, we can organise your conferences, business dinners or cocktail receptions as well as family celebrations.

The establishment also offers the option to hire one of our rooms or the entire restaurant.

For further information, please send an email to: reservation.trainbleu@ssp.fr or call us on +33 1 43 43 09 06.

Le Train Bleu gourmet cuisine to go

Lounge Bar

The Lounge Bar offers you an elegant respite at any time of day in one of the most prestigious locations in Paris. In a dazzling interior worthy of the most spectacular monuments in Paris, Le Train Bleu’s Lounge Bar is the ideal spot for a moment of escape, whether you are between trains, waiting for your loved ones to arrive, catching up with friends or colleagues, or conducting a business meeting…

Le Train Bleu Bar welcomes you every day from 7:30 am for a delicious breakfast served until 11:00 am . You can enjoy drinks and food in a friendly and exceptional atmosphere.

The Lounge offers a special menu from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm with some of the dishes served in our restaurant as well as light snacks, tapas, salads, club sandwiches and pastries…

An extensive drinks list is also available with exceptional teas and coffees, fresh fruit juices, a selection of wines by the glass, spirits, cocktails and champagnes…

Opening hours

Open every day

11:15 am to 2:30 pm - 7 pm to 10:30 pm

Lounge Bar
from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm