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Le Train Bleu, an unmissable restaurant

An iconic restaurant
in Gare de Lyon

An iconic restaurant in Gare de Lyon, Le Train Bleu offers a majestic setting where the show takes place in the kitchen as well as the restaurant.
Steeped in history, this establishment is filled with a distinctive and unique atmosphere where time and space fade away during an exceptional moment.

LE TRAIN BLEU & MICHEL ROSTANG - An expert combination to promote heritage cuisine 

The collaboration between Le Train Bleu and Michel Rostang promises sumptuous as well as regional cuisine.
The two Maisons share a passion for high quality ingredients and seasonal cuisine. Together, they have reinterpreted the legendary Station Buffet to offer a menu that combines French tradition with culinary delight.
The focus is on dishes in sauces, stews and a cuisine that’s rich in broths and stock, where generosity and sharing fight for the spotlight.
The service in the restaurant puts on a real show with flambéed dishes and meat carving performed with precision and care by a team of passionate maitre d’s.
Le Train Bleu offers travellers and Parisian customers a moment frozen in time, an experience that feels like the beginning of a fabulous journey of discovery through the most beautiful regions in France.

Opening hours


Open every day
Restaurant: 11:15am to 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Lounge Bar
from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm

Discover other worlds

Le Train Bleu is more than a stopover for travellers passing through the station and curious tourists. This establishment, whose excellent reputation has remained unchanged over the years, welcomes regular customers won over by the quality of its surroundings as well as its cuisine.

In addition to the two large listed lounges of its restaurant, Le Train Bleu also offers a bar area composed of several small lounges with luxury decor. Its intimate and cosy atmosphere invites you to escape at any time of the day.